Thursday, September 30, 2021

Eldar construction

 I won a couple of auctions on Ebay recently, and was able to supplement my Eldar with some additions.  The figures went for pretty cheaply because they were incomplete, but I thought I could correct the deficiencies with my bitz box and sculpting "skills". 

I have a box of metal Howling Banshees which I got from my sister as a gift long ago, and wanted to update to a full 10 figure squad, so this auction lot of four incomplete bodies was perfect. Since the metal box came with six swords, and a pair of mirror swords, I had to find new arms for only one of the regular bodies, and then figure out how to finish off the two exarch bodies. 

Here are the completed bodies, which left to right used the right hand metal mirror sword, a harlequin sword arm and sculpting (and also a bit of putty to correct the miscast end of the pistol), the exarch with a converted Dire Avenger arm and a dire avenger pistol arm, and then the final figure with a dire avenger arm and the left of the mirror swords. (and cut down and re-sculpted forehead) 

I also got a metal Autarch body, which I have been chasing on Ebay for years. This one was also incomplete, but on the plus side it was the limited edition version from the starter box. 
I finished this figure off with a fusion gun arm that I had bought for this purpose long ago, a dire avenger banner, and (not shown) a warp vane and some putty to make a backpack.  Since the current model of the Autarch has about 1/10th the weapon options of the old metal ones, I magnetized the arm socket, and gave him a fusion pistol option as well (the current option has the fusion pistol, power sword, and swooping hawk wings)

These have all already been primed, so rather than complete another project, it looks like I am sticking with Eldar for a while longer...


Stew said...

Unfortunately I have NO idea what you’re talking about with mirror swords and dire avengers…😀
But I can recognize a lot of effort and sculpting going on.
Super cool you were able to magnetized an arm. That should come in real handy. 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

Yes, well I know it is sort of "inside baseball" to mention all those parts, but suffice it to say they are from other kits ;)

FourEyedMonster said...

Now there's a thought ... buying incomplete models and completing them via conversions and such. Never had the confidence to do that I think. Not sure if I do going forward. I am kinda useless that way and would freak out if a piece was missing :P :)