Monday, January 10, 2022


Happy Christmas and New Year to you, dear reader(s).

This year I was able to take off the whole week between Christmas and New Years, which was almost enough to relax, despite the best unmentioned here efforts of 2021 to drag us down right at the end.  

I got some good loot this year as well, and hope you did too. 
Putrid Blightkings, clay shapers, a D&D battle mat flip book, and some figures for a project I am definitely not doing. 

We managed to escape town for a few days to the mountains with the cousins, and I ran the kids through another two sessions of D&D.  Being kids they are a bit easy to distract, and being numerous, they argue about what to do, so we are not that far in the campaign.  They did get to roll dice though, so it was good. 

Flip book in action

Which did not stop me from introducing more side quests, some political intrigue, and to allow them to dual class when they leveled up. 

Aside from the stuff I got personally, we also got some family games, including family favorite Mille Bornes, as well as a few others that the kids got which are not shown here (an escape room puzzle, and a Nancy Drew mystery game).  

The kid also got a combat patrol, dreadnaught, and librarian, so at some point there will be enough marines to viciously slaughter my Eldar.  Of course by the time they are painted, the new Eldar codex and miniatures will be out, so maybe I can regain the upper hand?

Here is to a better 2022 for you and yours. 


Dai said...

Nice haul mate and am glad you got to have all that holiday time with the family.

New Eldar are supposedly on the horizon. I am sure they will cost the regular GW price of "All ofyourmonies" though....

Lasgunpacker said...

Yeah, I was thinking about how much just the stuff they have already announced would cost... $60 for guardians, $50 for Rangers, and $60 for the Shroud Runners (Rangers on jet bikes). Then there is the unannounced stuff, like the Avatar, which will probably be huge and costly. I do not know how people can afford to start armies anymore!

Stew said...

Fun times and nice haul of stuff. 😀

FourEyedMonster said...

Rolling dice is always a good thing. Nice that you managed to get some holiday-time for yourself and your family :)