Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I certainly do not need a new project...


This weekend we celebrated the birthday of a friend and his son, who happens to be really into tanks lately.  Casting about for a present, I thought about the 3d printer sitting in the garage, and printed out a M1A1 and T-72BM. These had a bit of clean up and sanding before I primed them. 

The duelists

What the newly printed T-72BM looked like

As the title indicated, I certainly do not need a new project, but at least the terrain for 15mm Normandy would be useful for 15mm WWIII... However as these prints took roughly 15 hours each, it might make sense to just buy some of the lovely Battlefront kits instead. (and the Team Yankee starter comes with a bunch of tanks). 

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FourEyedMonster said...

Looks really detailed for a printed model. To me at least as I have next to no experience with 3D printers. I was into tanks for a long while too ... and now I think I might have too many unpainted tanks. Don't tell the missus though ;)