Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave

 So my wonderful sister often buys hobby items for me for Christmas or my birthday, and I then usually gratefully put the desired item into a box and never get around to painting it.

This year however, my sister gave me something in concert with the kid, which is to say Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave (which in our house at least is pronounced "BEASTGRAVE!!!" in a gravely announcer voice).  For the uninitiated, Beastgrave is "season three" of Games Workshop's Warhammer Underworld game, where players build warbands and card decks, and then fight it out on a board for glory points.  6-8 Warbands are released every season, and older cards are eventually cycled out of "standard".  So far so standard.  

However, with Beastgrave being a GW game, it comes with some amazing pushfit miniatures, and shockingly they are not that expensive, with a whole warband and deck of cards coming in about the same as a single plastic character. 

Beastgrave, full of heavyweight cardstock

These are pushfit

Anyway, the kid convinced me that we needed to paint the figures and play a game before he went back to school, and we shockingly managed to make that happen, building, priming, and painting nine figures in less than 10 days! 

I was assigned the beast-men known as Gashrak's Ravangers
Gashrak's Ravangers
Gashrak's Ravangers painted by me (my photography was particularly poor)

Draknar the Gor

Murghoth Half-horn

Koresh "the sneak"

The kid painted the beast-elves. (Skaeth's Wild Hunt)
Skaeth's Wild Hunt (photography even worse, so attempted to correct a bit in Google)

Conveniently, we got the kid a set of Games Workshop paints for Christmas, which meant we had about 1/4 of the required paints to hand.  We cued up the painting videos from Games Workshop, and aside from having to mix 3/4 of the paints or use substitutes, it all went rather smoothly.  Painting following a guide was surprisingly enjoyable, and I have been eyeing a couple of the other warbands in consequence.  If the game is as fun as promised, more warbands may be making their way to our house soon. 


Maj. Guiscard said...

I think I get more miniatures stuff done over the Christmas holidays that I do in six months in any other part of the year.

Beastgrave, or excuse me... BEASTGRAVE!!! looks good, but I've never taken the plunge.

Have fun!

SITZKRIEG! said...

Nicely done! Yeah, the starters tend to be more reasonably priced by GW standards but they get you with the supplemental models and especially characters/heroes. Regardless, looks good and congrats on the new game for 2021!

Suber said...

Nicely done! Oh, I hope to see some games with those warbands! :)

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks guys!

Suber, games are coming soon... just have to have the time.

tim said...

NICE! Those look GREAT! Hope the games turn out to be fun!

I've been contemplating picking up Warhammer Underworlds recently. I actually picked up one of the Warbands (the Daughters of Khaine one) because it looked like a fun little warband with an interesting mix of cool minis that I could use in another game - if I never got to use it in Warhammer Underworlds!