Thursday, August 22, 2019

So it has been a while...

Hello blog followers.  Sorry that it has been so long since the last post.  I would give excuses about being busy with this, that, and the other, but really I was just not doing a lot of hobby, and for whatever reason did not want to blog about other things. 

I have been painting those Night Goblins from my prior post, and have them nearly finished.  Then again they have been nearly finished for a couple of months, so we will see how long it takes me to actually get them done done.

Even though I have not been hobbying that much, I have (as one does) been on Ebay, which is pretty dangerous.  I managed to lose a bunch of bids, which is good, if frustrating, but did win this WHFB dwarf lot...

 That is an old Marauder organ gun, a mostly complete bolt thrower, a steam 'coptor, a mess of crew dwarves, and some random warmachine pieces.  Plus eight monopose plastic dwarves and three newer dwarves that fit in with my army.  And Burlock Damminson.

Once I had bought something, it was easier for something else to fall into the cart...
 In this case a 210x150cm "tapestry" that will work very nicely as a play mat for space games, as seen in the next picture.

And finally, if various projects are stymied by having a lack of time, and you just unexpectedly bought some new miniatures for an old army, then naturally you should be starting a different and completely incompatible project...

I.e.  15mm WWII skirmish gaming.

So that is where I am at.  What about you?


Meandering Shade said...

Ha, it looks like we both took this exact same time to update our quiet blogs.

I've been doing bits and bobs of hobby here and there, just couldn't work up the drive to also blog about it :(

I still love those old monopose plastic dwarfs! and I've seen those star field wall tapastries used to good effect quite a lot for spacefaring games and photography in recent months.

And I completely feel you on the starting multiple incompatible projects... yeesh.

Good luck with your hobby work ;)

FourEyedMonster said...

Ahhh ... the dreaded pause in our hobby time. I went through a long hiatus last year. I hope I don't lose my appetite for the hobby like I did last year though.

Stew said...

Ah, I know what’s it like to have miniatures ‘almost’ finished for weeks on end. Good thing it’s a hobby and no real deadlines exist.

That’s a good find for a space mat.

Sometimes an off the wall totally insane project is just the thing to restart the hobby mojo. Sometimes it’s a high price to pay. 😀

I’ve been in a hobby slump myself manly due to lack of time. It’s been a grind. 😀

irishserb said...

Good to see you back at it again!

Dai said...

Nice to see you had any time for hobby mate. I've been lax on my end too of late. Just no drive, probably due more to lack of playing games. It's nice to have self-set goals and deadlines I guess.

What WW2 rules are you collecting/painting for?

tim said...

Given the basing, I'm guessing this is not for Flames of War...?

That does look like a super cool matt for space ship gaming on!

I've been trying to lay off eBay lately, myself... I went a little overboard in the first half of the year!