Friday, April 6, 2018

Space Façade

So, Shapeways is a service which allows users to upload models, and then get them printed from a variety of materials.  I have used it before, to rather good success.  Shapeways also allows you to create a storefront and SELL your models, where they do all the hard work of printing and shipping, and the storefront owner just rolls around in money... well more realistically, a few models get sold, and the money gets plowed back into buying Shapeways models!

After I had made a few models, I started to think that others might want them as well.  I could go the traditional route of printing the models, and then casting them, but given my previous casting and international shipping experience, that would not work out very well.  So instead, I opened up a store front on Shapeways called Space Façade, because those are the two categories of items I plan to offer.

Right now the shop has a number of Trek style ships that I have made in 1/3788 scale (suitable for use with Micromachines or SFB ships).

Here are some examples:

space facade Dy105
This is a ship that you may recognize, although I call it a DY105, given the slight augmentation to the engines. 

space facade Confederation auxiliaries shuttles
Here we have a sprue of mixed "Confederation" auxiliaries, one each of three types of fighters, a troop transport shuttle, and a general purpose shuttle.  These shuttles are roughly 500% of what they should be in scale, but even so are under a cm square. 

space facade klingon d6 command cruiser
Finally, this is a modification of the 22nd century IKS D6 cruiser.  I have created a command variant by adding a bridge dome, a secondary dome, and some neck reinforcing.

In the future, I plan to offer some 1/61 scale terrain pieces, rather like this one, as well as embellishments suitable for adding to other terrain pieces.

So go take a look, and if you like what you see, buy some. If you do not see something you like, drop me a line, and maybe I can make it for you.


Heisler said...

Very nice! I have some things I would like to have created but I tend to be turned away by needing to learn some kind of cad program.

Stew said...

If I understand right, mostly startrekish ships and such? Pretty cool!

Lasgunpacker said...

Kris, let me know if there is anything I could help with. If it is relatively boxy (no compound curves) then it may not be that hard.

and Stew, yes, mostly Trekish ships so far, although I have more ideas than I have time or ability! Wait, that sounds familiar...

FourEyedMonster said...

What an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing. Loving the Bird of Prey. It's so rare to see Star Trek models being worked on, either that or I just don't know where to look. :)

Maj. Guiscard said...

Those trek ships look really good, and I cannot count the number building details I have griblied onto my buildings. Doors, vents , power junction boxes and fire escapes would be right in my needs box

Sean said...

Cool! I'm trying to restrain my buying impulse and actually paint what I own right now, but I will have a poke around your store.