Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Flames of War Early/Late Version 4

I got an email from the Warstore a while back, asking me if I wanted a free copy of the Flames of War rules update.  Naturally I said yes!

I was expecting to get some sort of half sized rule book with update information, allowing you to use your old copy of the FoW rulebook with the new rules.

Instead of that I was shocked to get a full color A4 perfect bound rule book, which was accompanied by an extra booklet called "special rules and warriors" to move all army/national/character special rules into the V4 era.

While I have not had much chance to go through it yet, it seems very comprehensive in a flip through, and is very attractive looking.  Maybe I need to investigate where the local FoW players are... they seem to have left the FLGS.


Sean said...

Wow, cool when they exceed expectations like that. I'll be in Sac sometime in the first week of June, I'm going to Kublacon and then doing some family stuff. I'm going to try and meet up with Dai for a game, he's in West Sac. Drop me a line if you feel like getting together to chat or game. We can try and work something out.

Dai said...

Allo mate. I used to play FoW locally but yeah Great Escape Games stopped carrying it and everyone stopped turning up.
Would happily help ya test out 4th ed if you like justo let me know. I have late war Canadians