Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Harlequin Characters

I have been fairly busy lately with work, taxes, and selling some now unwanted figures on eBay.  That last bit brought in a fair chunk of change (albeit less after fees), and with money comes the chance to buy some new items for future sale.

Or in this case, new figures that actually get built up (eventually to be painted).

I got a great deal on some Eldar Harlequin figures a while back (thanks no doubt to their being included in the Death Masque boxed set), and had a couple of troupes and a Death Jester.

What the little army needed though was characters, and those cost rather more than the other figures. (indeed even at a discount one of them would cost more than the whole army had prior)

Fortunately what I like to do most of all in the hobby is conversions, and also fortunately the Warhammer Quest; Silver Tower box came with some great character figures, which are easily available singly on eBay.

First up is the psyker of the Harlequins, the Shadowseer.  This figure was converted from the Mistweaver Saih character, some sort of new Elf (Aelf) magic user.  Here is what it looks like originally.
harlequin shadowseer

A little hard to make out in this picture taken in the dawn's early light, but I removed all of the "magic mist" effect, cut off the spikes, and changed the arms to represent the correct weapons.  Still needs some finish work, and then off to paint.  Unfortunately this figure also used my last 30mm base, and every one of my usual sources for such things appears to be out, so a whole lot of figures are going to be on temporary bases for a while (or even longer than I normally would take to get around to basing them)

The second figure is the psycho of the Harlequins, a Solitaire.  Converted from an other Elf character from the Silver Tower boxed set, this one called a "Tenebrael Shard", the original form of which you can see here.
harlequin Solitaire
Again, I cut off most of the spikes and such, and added the correct weapons, in this case a Caress and Kiss.  Not the sort you would like to get mind you, but the sort that turns you into a gibbed pile of goo.  The pile of "bricks" seemed like a better thing for him to be leaping off of than a tentacle, and I will be using Imperial basing rather than ruined Eldar basing for the other Harlequins too.

Still to come, jet bikes (two Starweavers), the Death Jester, and the actual Troupers.


Mordian7th said...

Awesome builds, man - I really dig 'em!

Sebastian said...

Loving these, repurposing good model is a subtle art and the energy in these makes for great Harlequins.

I've been eyeing off the Skaven assassin from WHQst Silver Tower as Gutter Runner NPCs myself.

Suber said...

Hey, really interesting, I do like these a lot!!

Dai said...

Smashing conversions mate! They look far more feral than standard harlequins.

Unknown said...

Late to the party but what parts did you use for the Shadowseer?

Lasgunpacker said...

Hey Unknown, it has been a while, but other than the pieces that come with the Mistweaver Saih, I used the pole arm from the harlequin bikes, masks from the harlequin troopers sprue, the backpack is from the dark eldar infantry set, and the pistol was I believe a harlequin arm, with a pistol hand from wych elves, and the pistol itself was made from the pointing arm pistol from the Dire avengers box.

I also used a LOT of knife work to remove all the mist, and putty to smooth that out.

Hope that helps!