Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Perry Releases

As you may be aware, the Perry brothers have their own miniature company which produces historical miniatures.  I have a few that I am using for D&D figures, (and I need to finish painting them and show them off!) but they have over 13 ranges of metal and plastic figures covering everything from Agincourt to Choson Korean forces.

One of their new plastic releases is British Infantry for the American War of Independence (Revolutionary War).

38 plastic figures for £18?  Buy three boxes and get a free mounted Colonel? Sure!
Each box makes a battalion pretty nicely
These appear to be suitable for the majority of battles in the New England campaigns, and are easily supplemented by their extensive metal lines.  Unlike the Napoleonic wars, the AWI seems more suitable for skirmish and small battalion combat, as even the largest battles had fewer than 50,000 combatants on both sides, and the decisive parts of the battles were very small.  After visiting Valley Forge a few years back, I have a not very secret interest in reproducing this war... so maybe some day.

The Perrys are also releasing British infantry for World War Two, with a box of "Desert Rats" (again for £18, and again with a three box deal).

This campaign does not interest me as much as some, but with a couple of these boxes and some forthcoming Germans (and Italians) it seems like you could have some pretty satisfying large skirmish battles.  The box may also be useful for providing bits for use with Games Workshop figures, if one were interested in converting Imperial Guard figures for instance.  I also expect that they will come out with metal ANZAC and Indian heads too, to further expand this box.

Anyway, I am also looking forward to what comes next from them, as they typically have 3ups for next year's releases at Salute, which is next weekend.  Who knows what it could be?  WWII Italians? AWI American Continentals?  Plastic artillery for the ACW?  Dare I wish for Landsknecht?

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