Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baneblade Prime

As mentioned last week, I finally finished building the Baneblade after three years of on and off construction, and got it primed.
Parts splayed out for spraying
 As you might notice from this picture, I have a number of the old style Citadel Colour sprays, which is what I ended up using for this job.  The black primer cans must be at least 8 years old, if not more, but worked like a charm. It is a pity that they changed the formula, since I really like these (and obviously they last as well, which is uncommon in spray paints).
Baneblade in all its primal glory!
So now that I have completed basic assembly and priming, the next step is to break out the old air brush, and give the armor panels a nice base coat of Russian Green, and then get to work painting the details, crew, and 1001 rivets.  Then weathering.  Maybe I will be done in a further three years...

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