Monday, January 9, 2012

A Review of 2011

2011 will stand as a banner year in the history of this blog, should such a boring work ever be compiled.  This is due to its refocusing on a slightly broader hobby in the area of roleplaying, and my participation in the A-Z challenge, which increased my posting from occasional to regular, and really brought in blog followers and hits.

In this post last year, I discussed goals for 2011, based on the failed goals of 2010.

Here they are, with a few thoughts about their completion (or lack there of)
1. Get in a Game or two: Failure with regards to miniatures games, success for board games.
2. Paint More Figures: Success! 
3. Figure out Figure Storage: Partial success, thanks to my wife buying the Diebold Safe-T-Stack
4. Get Hobby Room Finished and Set Up: Failure, although I expect something basic to be done this year, as the in-laws are finally out of our house.
5. Use airbrush again: Failure.  Waiting on completion of the Baneblade, which is actually not that far off, although I have been caught in the trap of detailing for a while now.

2012 has already started off better in the gaming, since I have already played Settlers (and won), Clue [Cluedo for UK readers] twice (won once), Cathedral, as well as ran my very first D&D game over two sessions (much more on that later).

Anyway, for goals this year, I want to accomplish all of the above, plus start following blogs that I already read anyway. I will have more on this later, but intend to highlight and review the blogs as I add them.  I also intend to paint my new box of Dreadfleet, and run a couple more D&D games.  We will see how it goes! 

Welcome to new blog follower Simon Forester, who has a very interesting blog called "... and the sky full of dust".

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