Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not quite perfect...

We have lived in our house for a couple of years now, and during that time I have been looking for some sort of more permanent storage for my completed miniatures. My wife will tell you that pretty much every time we go to a store, any sort of store, I will look at boxes, tubs, and the like, trying to find something that will easily store a large amount of 28mm figures.  I figured that I wanted something roughly 4" tall, large enough for a sheet of paper (US office sized, or 8.5"x11"), and ideally metal.  Two years of handling boxes, eyeing them, measuring them, and deciding that they were not quite good enough, or too expensive, or whatever.

Friday, while thrift store shopping, my wife found the following and brought it home with her.  $14 for a 6 drawer system, roughly 24" by 12" by 14".  The interior of the drawer is around 3.5 inches tall.

Marked Diebold Safe-T-Stack, these are six excellent card file boxes in three separate cases.  Made of heavy gauge steel, they are super durable, and best of all magnets will stick to them.  Each seems like it will hold around 4 regiments of WHFB figures, which is great.  At 3.5", they will not hold a knight with his lance up, but they will hold one with his lance down, or at a slight angle.

So not quite perfect, but pretty close, and a great deal too. Further, and possibly the most important, no more agonizing for a while!  My wife is the best. Thanks!

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