Monday, September 12, 2011

Perry Miniatures

Perry Miniatures, the company founded and run by the Perry Brothers, has a modern new website

The most exciting aspects of this are that the company appears to be VAT listed, which means those of us located outside the EU save 18%, and it has more pictures of miniatures, some of which have been for sale for some time without any official pictures, as well as pictures of the 3ups for future plastic work. 

Most exciting is this splendid example of the future Men At Arms sprue for their Renaissance range, which will have Flemish/English/Italian and German armor styles, as well as separate horse armor and a ton of weaponry.  Certainly one to look out for in the future, and they should make perfect WHFB DoW knights.

New website, 18% discount... sounds like a good time to make an order right?  And I will be getting that per diem check soon...

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