Friday, September 16, 2011

Character Sheet

Building from my one page character generation, I have been working on a character sheet.  The concept is to have everything that a player needs on one sheet, and further, all the "core" data needed to play in a single quadrant of the page.

I still need to work on the "fluff" quadrant, which is pretty basic right now (and fairly unattractive) .

Other design choices:
Silver pennies are the main coinage used in the Deepest Sea, so instead of a box to track GP, we have S/d/cp
Retainers are placed on the character sheet
Encumbrances are handled by lines in the item list, so that a character loses one move (5 feet) for every two lines filled.  Heavier items take up more lines.
Spells, skills, and such like are in KSAs

Anyway, here is what it currently looks like:

Let me know what you think.  Any suggested refinements?  Improvements?  Something I forgot?  Would it be useful for new players?

Also, welcome to new follower Lum. Hope you see some stuff you like here!


Lum said...

Thank you sir!

Roger G-S said...

It's nice and I like the graded encumbrance. I'd find a section for weapon damage, range etc. useful, and it is hard from that image to see what you have under retainers. Also, spellcasters depending on your system may need some place to put their spells/day/level.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Roger
As this is aimed at more starting level characters, they should not have more than a couple of spells. A more advanced version of this would have a second page for things of that nature... although I do like sticking to a single page.

The retainers box has the following information:
Name/sex/type/current hp/max hp/equipment/cost/XP

I am not sure how to handle weapon information, other than as a line in the inventory, and listing which hand holds the ready weapon.