Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Review of 2010

First off, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Sort of late, but there you have it.

As you might recall, way back in mid January of last year, I made five resolutions for 2010.

Here they are, with a few thoughts about their completion (or lack there of)
1. Get in a Game or two: Complete failure if you count only miniatures games.
2. Paint More Figures: Complete failure. I have painted a mere two figures, and put a few layers of paint on some others. Nearly made it a whole year without painting a single figure.
3. Figure out Figure Storage: Partial failure. Have spent way too much time looking at plastic boxes, trying to find the "perfect" one. Decided that a 4" high box would be ideal.
4. Get Hobby Room Finished and Set Up: Pass. Room is still full of in-laws, therefore can not be set up. Hopefully will be empty in 2011.
5. Use airbrush again: Complete Failure. Did not finish building the Baneblade, and therefore did not use the airbrush to paint it.

Well, that is somewhat depressing. In my defense, we did have an addition to our family, which has absorbed 90% of formerly free time. I think that for 2011, I will just try to accomplish the 2010 resolutions. I have started painting again, so hopefully at least #2 will be accomplished.

In other gaming related news, we gave some Friends of ours Puerto Rico as a Christmas gift, and were able to get a couple of games in. Pretty fun, although it is component heavy. I did not win either game, but I did come in second the second time we played, and as usual with new games, acted as rules reader and arbitrator. I asked my wife if we should get the game for ourselves, and she was quick to say no, not that she did not enjoy the game, but due to the number of pieces, and the likelihood of the offspring consuming them.

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