Monday, December 20, 2010


No painting to report, which is unfortunate; however, I did just finish reading the Horus Heresy novel Nemesis, by James Swallow. For the uninitiated, the Horus Heresy is a Warhammer 40k historical period where civil war nearly destroyed the Imperium (indeed, you could argue that is the most important historical element of the setting). Anyway, it was an interesting book, even if it did have some deviations from the background, as well as some particularly unskilled assassins. I do not want to reveal to much, but it did have some interesting Imperial worlds, technologies, and detailed two of the assassin types not previously discussed.

Thinking about the book the other day, it occurred to me that using assassins in some sort of skirmish/Necromunda/=I=munda game would be interesting. It would cost a substantial amount of "reputation" to get one assigned, and there would always be the chance that the temple of assassins sent them after you instead...

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