Friday, April 26, 2024

Artizan Miniatures Frontier Scouts

As part of my new Space Frontier obsession, courtesy of Five Parsecs From Home and Star Wars threads on Lead Adventure (the most dangerous website to visit, even more than Ebay), I bought a few new figures.  I got the brand new Artizan Miniatures Frontier Scouts (FSF002) which were just released a couple of weeks ago as part of a small new line of figures (just the two packs).  Since they are so new, I have not seen any pictures of them anywhere, so thought I would take a couple of comparisons to show them off.

Artizan Miniatures Frontier Scouts against Stargrave body

Picture 1 shows one of the figures against a Stargrave plastic crew person body, and you can see that he is much taller, and thinner. (look for a more comprehensive review of the Stargrave crew I box in the future)

Artizan Miniatures Frontier Scouts compared to various miniatures

Comparison shot against a grab bag of figures I pulled out of a few drawers.  Left to right we have: Copplestone back of beyond, GW Stormtrooper (old), the three Frontier Scouts, the Rogue Stars Rogue, an old WoTC Star Wars figure, and oldest of all a Necromunda Scum figure.   As you can see the Frontier figures fit in pretty well here, but are tall and thin, with more realistic proportions compared to many figures. 

Artizan Miniatures Frontier Scouts height

Over all I really like the figures, as they have sort of a retro 70's Scifi look that is a bit rare, and their relatively low level of equipment presents more of a blank slate for imagination/additions than many figures these days.  Two of the figures have pistols (which look as if they could either be machine pistols or laser pistols), and one is unarmed, which is unusual for these sort of figures. They are a bit tall at 32mm+, but overall I think an interesting development for Artizan, and I would like to see more of them.  Listed for £6.60 they are not too expensive per figure either. 


tim said...

Those do look like fun! Can't wait to see what sort of crew you put together!?

tim said...

Also, I've never seen that Necromunda scum figure before! (and I have a LOT of Necromunda scum figures!)

Stew said...

Some cool sci fry miniatures there.
For a particular game?