Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Starmada - back in action

This past weekend, Stew, of the excellent blog A Terrible Loss of Lead and Wealth, again invited a couple of fellows and myself over for a large game of Starmada- TNG style.  As with the last game, Stew provided the space to play in, a lovely star mat, ship stats. a QRF, lunch, and drinks.  And of course two extremely well painted fleets (seriously, look at those ships!). 

This time we got to pick our fleets by victory points, and I decided to bring out the big guns and selected the Sovereign class Atlantic, backed up with three comparatively obsolete Excelsior class ships.  Stew selected the Galaxy class Freitag (which was portrayed by the Galaxy class Endeavor half way through the game after a magnet failure), as well as a Defiant class, an Akira class, and another Excelsior.  The dastardly Klingons went with a fleet that utilized all the available Vor'Cha models.  In game terms, this meant that the Federation had two big battlewagons, a cruiser,  and what amounted to heavy destroyers, which the Klingons had all cruisers (and a couple of warbirds that barely figured in the game). 

As is typical, I did not take as many pictures as I could have, but here are a few. 

Federation fleet selection

First turn, as the fleets are probing for advantage

The big ships make their appearance

Excelsior classes take a pounding  The flat hex is a cloaked ship

Battlewagons eliminate everything between then (two Klingons cloaked to retreat, er tactically redeploy)

Federation victory, and another great game!

Since Stew indicated that he was running out of ships to paint, and needed another very large project, I printed something to bring along for him...

(In the event that you are not a Trek fan, that is a 1/7000 scale model of DS9 printed in two halves, which I primed before I brought it over.  A bit over 200mm wide)


Stew said...

Lol. I did indicate that I was out of ships to paint but I don’t recall needing a big project…😀
Thanks again for the amazing DS9. It’s indeed something that I was going to purchase eventually so it was right inline with project needs.

And I’m glad you had a good time. We’ll have to work it out so that next time I’ll come to your place and play something that you’re developing. Though don’t expect me to bring a big gift like that. 😀

After a short break I’ll get started on those Cardasians and JemHadar.

FourEyedMonster said...

Any photos of a Star Trek tabletop game is most welcome, however little of them there are. Looking at your shots made me think how the tabletop would look like if it replicated the Borg vs Federation battle scene in the final episode of Picard S3. Would've been a sight for sore eyes :)

Dai said...

Nice to see another report on this game. One of these days I'll be able to make one of these fun Star Trek gaming extravaganzas - mayhap I'll even make an effort to bring along a fleet of my own? (Assuming my Minister of Fun Prevention doesn't nix the idea)

That DS9 is fricken huge and cool as heck David! Rather lovely of you to send it Stew's way.

slovak said...

Are you coming back, or what? Seriously, we need you in the blogs.

Eugene Short said...

Thanks foor posting this