Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Marching forward

I have been quite busy lately with dealing with my uncle's estate issues, so I have had little time for painting and other hobby activities.

I did recently receive a very generous gift from Dai, a whole British platoon for Chain of Command, painted and with extras. (such as the MMG teams in the bag on the right).  With just a bit of work on the bases they will match up with my Americans and Germans very nicely, and since I have a pack of Motorized British somewhere, I can add a few more extra items.

So you would think that painting more figures for Chain of Command and its related terrain would be in the forefront of my mind, and indeed it has been largely so.

However, I also recently got this for a hefty discount...

Yet more Eldar (and chaos bound for Ebay)


Dai said...

Your Eldar did seem a little light on bodies... ;)

Glad the Brits arrived safely mate. Looking forward to seeing them in a game!

Stew said...

Ooohh. Always great to get painted miniatures in the mail; especially from Dai. 😀
Hope you get some free time soon for relaxing hobbies.

tim said...


Chaos is always a great opposing force to have - they will fight ANYONE. There are SO MANY people running imperium of man forces - moslty space marines, but also sisters and guard and mechanicus and such. If you play one of those, you're often going to end up having to fight other players with similar, which is always a drag... Despite loving the Guard, that is exactly why I started rebuidling my old Eldar force and started a totally new Chaos force.