Thursday, May 13, 2021


Sorry for the silence lately, I have been very busy with work in the past year, and in the last few months this has been compounded by the looming end of the contract under which we all work.  The contract has been picked up by another company, and many of us here are going there to keep doing the same jobs, but months of uncertainty and extra contract closeout work has been stressful, and not conducive to much hobby time. 

I have been painting Eldar though, and prodding the kid to paint, so a 9th edition 40k game is growing closer.  (although his codex Marines vs. my 8th edition index Eldar ought to be a bloodbath...)

I have also printed a few things on the 3d printer which I would like to show off sometime. 

Anyway, hope all of you are well, and that I have more time to hobby and blog about it soon. 


Stew said...

I feel ya. Glad your contact got picked up. 😀
Hobbies are just that; and the time we have for them waxes and wanes.

Lasgunpacker said...

Yes, I knew you would... are you in packing up mode?

tim said...

Looking forward to seeing the Eldar! (and maybe a game report of the game!)

It's a shame GW doesn't post the current stats for 40K units as pdfs like they do with all the Age of Sigmar stuff. I guess that still doesn't help with faction abilities and such...

Dai said...

More pics, less blurb and excuses. :P

Glad you are still able to do some hobby mate.

FourEyedMonster said...

I certainly hope things work out for you for the job contract. Things are pretty bad economically in my country at least for the ordinary folks.