Thursday, October 22, 2020

Rogue Trader Orks for Orktober

Rogue Trader Orks for Orktober?  Well... sort of.

Apologist at the excellent Death of a Rubricist blog has done some great work converting current model plastic Orks back to the look and feel of the old Kev Adams Orks from the early days of Rogue Trader. 

Inspired, I set to work building and sculpting a couple of orks... and then the project languished for quite some time, with the poor boys waiting on various details to be completed.  The bandy legs really were off putting, and as my kid put it the "flipper hand" that most Orks have to hold boltas with is just really terrible. I managed to get them to the point where I was willing to proceed, and then in a burst of inspiration got them painted and based.  

So in addition to sort of a generic RT Ork looks, these two are rough (very rough!) copies of particular poses from the RT ork range, as can be seen below. 

I would like to make enough of these to muster a little squad, but I am not sure I can manage the energy to make it happen.  We will see. 

Next time, back to 15mm?


Gary said...

Wow, I haver those orks in my collection. Plus a bunch more of the early orks. These miniatures I had bought just when rogue trader came out. Thanks for bringing back some good time from years ago

Suber said...

Oh, I love these. I follow Death of a Rubricist too and I find his work inspiring. Glad to know there are more like me! :D

Stew said...

Those are great conversions and look just like the pics to me! 😀

FourEyedMonster said...

This bring back memories as orks was the very first father/son painting session I had. Not many followed but the first I could never forget.