Friday, June 19, 2020

40k with the kid

My oldest got the mini-Warhammer 40k Starter "First Strike" from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and was pretty excited about it.  He ripped the package open, read all the books, and clipped out and assembled all the figures within a day.

After I helped him scrape off mold lines and glue the figure together, we waited for some good weather to spray undercoat the figures (where I was aggravated by the failure of two newer cans of spray paint.  Fortunately my 15 year old Citadel spray paint still works...)

He then painted all the figures himself, which naturally took quite a bit longer. 
Despite my protestations, he went Ultramarines
 Somehow he had the idea that you can not play the game without painting the figures, so he was pretty eager to get the first few needed for missions completed.
First game First Strike! 
After we played with the first few figures he painted, he rushed through the last few so that we could play a "real" game with all the figures at once.  Since the points are imbalanced, the boys in blue won every time!  Which is probably working as intended. 
Good guys losing to the blue servants of the Tyrant
Now that 9th edition is on the horizon, there has been some interest in getting more figures, so we shall see.  The cost of 40k is fortunately something he is acquainted with, as well as forced obsolescence, so he is relatively patient with getting more.  When the actual starter is announced, we may get figures from it on Ebay, as he is already leery of getting more figures for an army he is not interested in after the Death Guard from this box.


Siph_Horridus said...

Great job, one of us, one of us... I found that First Strike really isn’t balanced either but if the Marines fluff some Armour Saves it’s possible.

Dai said...

As that’s fantastic mate! Great job on encouraging the wee man to get excited for the hobby.

New edition will cost stupid dollars, obviously

Suber said...

That's truly fantastic, to share the hobby with the kid. That happy face on the pic says it all. Seriously, congrats :)

Stew said...

Fun! But how ever did he get the idea that miniatures must be painted before games with? And I’ve never really understood why 50k appeals d sad o much to the younger generation.
But still, that’s awesome father son bonding time. 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks guys, not sure where he got the idea that they had to be painted, but it really does add to the effect of the thing! I was particularly surprised when he stuck with it, because as you all know painting the little buggers can be frustrating.

And Stew, you know that super-human armored knights with guns the size of a child are pretty rad... particularly when they eschew those guns and tear into each other with knives and chain swords instead.

FourEyedMonster said...

Your kid looks so happy in that last photo. Good on ya for getting him into this hobby albeit with a gift from the mum-in-law. :)

SITZKRIEG! said...

The easy to build starter primaris really are nice kits and I'm glad they're (likely) expanding the line in a few weeks with bikers and chainsword guys that will probably get the smaller kit treatment as well.