Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Painting Tiny Germans

I have started painting the infantry (and support guns) mentioned in my prior post.

It has been something like 10 years (!) since I have painted any 15mm figures, so I decided to do a test figure, see how I liked the colors and such before I really got into it.

Keep in mind that the figure is based on a 19mm disk, so you can see that this is blown up a bit, but I think that the painting is not terrible... but hang on, why does it look sandy?
Did not roll the figure around in sand before painting

Under magnification it appeared that the figure was covered in fuzz from the white primer (which did fail after this use).  Review of the other figures revealed that some others were similarly afflicted, so under magnification, I scraped each of the figures with my finger nail, and used a file for smaller bits.

Now smoothed, I touched up the paint a bit, and ended up with the following:
Still not perfect, but getting closer to where I want to be, and I have pressed on with painting the rest of the platoon and infantry supports.


Michael Awdry said...

Those must be a test for the eyes! Great job though and well done on the recovery - how frustrating.

irishserb said...

Looks really good.

Several years back, I had a bunch of Boxers get the "sand coat" from a can of primer. I ended up using an old stiff brush (not a paint brush) that had fiberglass bristles, and it took off the grit rather quickly.

Suber said...

Pretty nice! Oh, and extra points for the overcoming!

Dai said...

Looking forward to seeing some 15mm German Camo schemes on their uniforms! ;)

Good stuff mate. I've painted some germans for a mate's 15mm WW2 and they were annoying as heck.

tim said...

Oh no! Was it not visible when you were initially painting it? GAH!? I hate it when I think I'm done something and I go and photograph it to post pictures and noticed something in the photo that I couldn't see with my eyes! Drives me CrAzY!? Turned out not to bad in the end, though!

Stew said...

Nice recovery, and good looking figure. 😀
Though to be honest, best thing about 15mm is one doesn’t have to get too nit picky about the painting, bc it’s too small to notice. This is more true in time periods where everyone stood shoulder to shoulder to shoot than WWII but there you go. 😀
Keep em coming.

FourEyedMonster said...

Photos tend to magnify issues that the naked eye can't notice. That being said, it turned out okay in the end. Personally I find 15mm scale way too small for my tired old eyes. :)

siapalu said...
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