Thursday, October 25, 2018

Unionist Forces

Way back in 2016 I designed my first 1/3788 spaceship, which I had printed, and showed off in early 2017.

Well, in the last two years I like to think that my skill as a 3d modeler has increased, so I reworked the concept of Star Trek TOS era Cardassians into the "Unionist" fleet.  Now with any Original Series era ships, it is customary to start with the heavy cruiser (just like the Enterprise was).   So here is the original ship I designed two years ago, and then following that is the remix.


Extra Crispy:
As you can see the new version adds some bulk, weapons detailing, windows, and other painting friendly aspects. (and happily matches the Galor a bit more closely)

Here is the original fleet:

And here is the new version:

(producing these fleet shots is a good exercise in seeing if the various ships are sufficiently distinctive)

These will be going up on Shapeways soon, for those who are interested in funding yet more ship purchases...


Dai said...

Nice work mate. Liking the added details.

Stew said...

Really nice! Those extra details will indeed make each ship pretty and adds the model. 😀

Heisler said...

They look fabulous!

Sean said...

Your skills have really progressed. I would have been content with the originals, these new designs are amazing. Nice work.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks chaps! It was really fun to rework the older designs.

Unfortunately Shaepway's new pricing makes it harder to slip a few of these into the next order, but they will make it to the tabletop eventually!

Maj. Guiscard said...

I too am on a journey (although with laser cutters and CNC machines) to increase my hobby skills. Those ships look great, and marking an uptick in the quality of the output must be a really satisfying feeling.

SHOPnROAR said...
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