Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer Vacation

Last week we took a much needed vacation, and went to the beach for a few days, and then to the mountains to visit my wife's cousins for a few days.  Very relaxing, although I was also reminded that shoveling sand for a day is not great for my back. 
The "warm" California Sun
The cousins have a large outdoor chess board, and we got the kids to play a game during our languid Saturday morning.  Both players performed pretty well, although they did not finish the game.  Maybe next time. 
 I also got the chance to teach the older kids how to play X-wing, which we played using the Force Awakens starter.  We played on a whiteboard table created by one of my wife's cousins, and I marked out all the moves the kids made, and then at the end we reviewed what they did and why.  Being kids, they rolled pretty hot, with at least two instances of all hits on four dice.  I had all my X-wing stuff along, including a new Millennium Falcon that I got as a birthday present, but it never made it out of the box.
A bit blurry as it was dark inside
When I got back, I got a small bitz package from France, and it inspired me to actually put a figure together, and I also took a few pictures of miniatures previously painted, so hopefully this blogging lark will get back on track soon.


Sean said...

Looks like a nice break. I really like the idea of the white board and debrief for X-Wing. It has occurred to me that I am way overdue on our Shadow War battle report. I keep putting it off.

Lasgunpacker said...

Sean, as long as you get it done before the next one you are still ahead of the game!

Dai said...

Wot LGP said. ;)

Xwing is a good simple game to get kids playing. Reminds me that me and the lad should pull out some fighters tonight!