Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fantasy Figures

As seen in my last post (was it really two weeks ago?), some miniatures I have painted recently.

Usual excuses about photography with a cell phone, and lighting.  I may eventually get around to taking better pictures, but given my track record on that regard, I would not hold your breath.

The two enigmatic large bases need a bit more work before I show them off with their proper occupants.  I have enough figures to show off that I will break them up into a few posts.

First off fantasy.

Leading the charge is this Night goblin on a wolf, which I converted back in August after being inspired by Sebastian's work over at Eastern Empire. (Inspired should here read "nearly directly ripped off")

Night goblin wolf rider

Night goblin wolf rider

Next up are these Reaper peasants, although really only the one could be a peasant, while the others are clearly city dwellers.
These may need another application of matte spray

And finally we have a chaos standing stone made from the one grasped by the plastic giant. I carved away the excess material (a giant hand) and ended up with this stone.  Seems like it needs something else though... spent candles, and some blood maybe?

Tomorrow I have some various Inq28 figures to put up, and then we will have another wait until I actually get something painted. (I did assemble and prime a troupe of Harlequins, so there is material forthcoming eventually!)


Sebastian said...

"nearly directly ripped off" - nearly snorted my coffee hahaha :D

Suffice to say, I have thusly about faced and placed a converted Night Goblin on Squig hopper because I liked the idea of mounted Night Goblins you did here too! (I may or may not have ordered some extras....)

Still have a thing for this variation of robust wolves. May yet come back to them, perhaps battle dogs for Skaven??

Lasgunpacker said...

Ooh Skaven... you could just use one of those tentacle tools to make a rat tail, and lengthen the nose. Would be super vicious in tunnels driven by a pack master.

Sebastian said...

Yes yes manthing - Wolf-Ratsss..yess. (evil rubbing of boney clawed hands)