Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Workbench Late August

Blurry late night cellphone picture
The family was out of town with my mother-in-law on Monday, and I got a little bit of hobby time after getting all the necessary chores done.

I got some sculpting done, which moved a number of Inq28 figures into the "ready to paint" category, which if you see the tray at the left of the picture is a bit large.  Center are those that need more work, and lower right as another six or so figures that need to have various sculpting and filling done.

Honestly, while I love building these figures, I have grown tired of having my work space dominated by their half completed bodies and the thousand little bits of guns, hands, arms, heads and so on you can see to the right.  I think that after a few more figures are completed, the remainder, and all the bits will be tidied away for a while. Working at the kitchen table just to have enough space is not very sensible when I have a whole desk that should be used in that way, rather than as a large bits box.

Also, with the renewed interest in Xwing, and the forthcoming release of Killteam (and discussion with my buddy Thedocta about getting him into 40k), the space may be needed soon for other projects.

Also visible to the keen eye, Baneblade of shame, converted dwarf longbeard, Necromunda gang, Empire general and warrior priest. 


Suber said...

Well, looks like progress to me! I know the feeling, my space is but a mountain of rubbish made of bits, hehe, need some clearing work too :D
Looking forward to those minis painted!

Lasgunpacker said...

Me too Suber! I have only been building some of them for six years...

Sebastian said...

Man, I thought I was alone. This big push on Goblins was to finish a long thought of foil to my Knight's retinue. At a point the other week I felt exactly like you have. Focussing on painting and stopping my itch to convert stuff everytime I think of a nifty part idea. (wrist-slap!) Back to painting Seb! :D

Lasgunpacker said...

Sebastian, sometimes I wonder how I ever paint anything... I would (apparently) much rather build and fiddle with bits than paint, so it takes me forever to get around to it. My back log is an ex-forest. ;)