Wednesday, June 15, 2016

White Dwarf Weekly to End

White Dwarf is now to change back to a monthly magazine after two and a half years as a weekly.

I remember being shocked that the magazine would change to a weekly format, and it took me a while to get used to that.  I did like the "clean" formatting, and the comparatively tight focus on a single product release of the week that the change engendered, but the consequential rise in price meant that I would pick and choose issues to buy, which ended my collection of the magazine.

The newly monthly magazine will start in September, will be 156 pages, and will incorporate the new Golden Daemon material as well. (current rumor is that Visions will change only slightly, but will remain)  If you subscribe before August, you can get an introductory price of £50/$80 (including the postage), which works out to only $6.67 per issue... not too bad for a magazine which has the potential that White Dwarf does, and substantially cheaper than its price when the monthly magazine ended (to say nothing of buying 52 weeklies).  No word on the cover price, or regular subscription price.

Things really seem different with GW late, with discount bundles (that contain things people actually want), boxed game releases, return of fan favorite sub factions (Genestealers, Harlequins, and Adeptus Mechanicus), FAQs, and now a return to a monthly format for White Dwarf.

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