Friday, January 1, 2016

A little bit of Theater - Part 5

As you no doubt read in part one, two, three, and four, I ordered the Monarch Theater from Multiverse to build as a gift for my wife.

Now we are coming into the final stretch, the time right before Christmas where I panic and cut down on sleep in order to get this thing finished. With various family commitments and events, I estimate that I have only a few hours of time before Christmas arrives, so this is going to come down to the wire. (as always). As it happens, this year I have a cold, and it will be very hard to squeeze out any more energy, so we will see if I can finish or not.

No painting pictures from this one, but I do have one of the nearly complete theater in its eventual place.
Test placement on the bookshelf
When I was putting it together for this test, I realized that the leading stroke of the "C" was touching the wall in such a way as to prevent the marquee from seating correctly, so I will have to shave that down.  Still to come: weathering for the building, interior work, and the inevitable touch ups.


Joakim Ström said...

Give me moooore :-)

Mad Padre said...

Looking very good. I used to volunteer for a rep cinema called The Monarch - this brings back memories.