Monday, December 28, 2015

A little bit of Theater - Part 1

Stock Kit from the Multiverse Website
In September, I saw a notice that Multiverse Gaming Terrain was selling a new Monarch Theater kit, and further, that you could get a custom cut name for it for only 3.95 Euro.  I immediately thought about buying and building it for my wife, which may seem a bit strange.  Let me explain.  My wife is a film major, and loves movies, as well as Art Deco theaters, so that part seems to fit nicely. She also has been dreaming of making her own movie for a long time (just like every film major), and adding a custom marque for the title of her dream movie seemed like a good thing to do.  I decided it would also be good to make use of the custom cut sign and make it look like our local art house theater.

Now, I have never constructed a laser cut building before, and had never ordered from Poland, and was not sure if I could hide such a large kit while I got it painted.  So I stewed on the idea for a while until the kit was actually released, and then decided to do it.  I also went a little bit crazy with some plans to customize and super detail the kit, which I may or may not actually complete... e.g. soldering new scale railing for the staircase.

Once the theater was actually released, I ordered one, and it showed up here on the West Coast just over a week later with my custom cut signs. Multiverse gave me a tracking number, so I was able to watch it travel around Poland and then to the US, which took some of the fear out of overseas ordering.  Everything seemed to be intact, although the envelope was ripped a bit (it might help to have taped the corners). I hurriedly hid it away in my desk before too many questions were asked, and it sat there for an opportunity for construction, which you can read about in part 2.

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