Thursday, November 12, 2015

Specialist Games Returns?

Apparently the above came from the Facebook page of a shop in Australia, and the major rumor mongers suggest that it is true... and that the Betrayal at Calth boxed set was the first product of this group.  If this pans out, boxed sets of Epic, Necromunda, Manowar, and Battlefleet Gothic will have to make their way into my hobby room.  And dare I say Warhammer Quest?  Oof, that would be a must buy.


riot ville said...

My word I hope this is true!

Odie said...

Hmmm...really mixed feelings on this.

On the one hand it might mean that there could be some Necromunda players springing up in my area, but on the other it means that GW could screw around with perfectly good Blood Bowl rules in an attempt to revamp the game.

I'm cautiously optimistic.

Lasgunpacker said...

I see this as an opertunity to get plastic miniatures really, the rules do not matter, as we already have good or at least serviceable ones for all the possible games.

Odie said...

That's very true. I hope that's the direction that GW, and the fans take with this.

Eric Wier said...

Man, I hope they truly are bringing back Specialist Games, and GW actually supports it by releasing new models and content. Bring back Inquisitor!

On a separate note, you where one of the people selected to win one of the Kings Men from our contest of Between the Bolter and Me last month! Please contact us, via our email address listed on the About Us section of the blog, so that we can determine where the model should be sent!