Thursday, October 22, 2015

Basing Basics

Yesterday I was home from work with the kids, due to a change in my wife's work schedule.  While child #2 slept, #1 and I had a quick lesson in basing.  The 20 handgunners acquired in my Ebay score last year were quickly claimed, and I made a couple of conversions to them as requested (added a banner bearer, and mounted one on a horse to be a "leader".

As shown here, figures had diluted glue applied to their base with a brush, and were then dipped in sand. [although I believe technically it is decomposed granite]

As I said, pretty basic! There was some discussion of getting the figures primed in preparation for painting, but we shifted focus to LEGO and that took up the remainder of the "free" time.  At this rate, we will be able to have a game in a few years...

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