Friday, August 21, 2015

INQ28 - The Vigil

Finished photos of the Vigil, a group of figures created to act as NPCs or hired support for Inquisitor games.  They are some sort of hired watchmen who act as police in their lower hive community. 

Photographed the prior weekend, they have the same problem with the color being off. (here is an older shot with better color
Team leader, with stun baton, knives, and laspistol

Stun baton created with a chaos marauder axe and a bit of plastic tube

Trooper with webber

built from a marine flamer and the trumpet from a skeleton musician

Scanner trooper

Classic plastic laspistol from some frames I bought when first getting into 40k

Trooper with combat shotgun

Here you can see what a pain it was to get his body to fit this pose, and in reality his shoulder would be dislocated...
All of these figures were created with the contemporary Empire handgunner bodies, and various bitz to create their 40k gear. The troopers all have a head cut from the 6th edition spear men bodies, which I feel gives a good common equipment look to offset the various assortment of weapons.

It is hard to tell in these crappy pictures, but they have dark blue suits with red stripes on the legs, white shoulder pads, and a number of leather items.

Basing still needs to be finalized obviously, but I am still mulling that over.

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