Wednesday, December 31, 2014

INQ28 - Venator

Prior to the release of the Necromunda game, Games Workshop had a set of rules released through White Dwarf that trod some of the same ground, and indeed featured skirmishes between rival gangs set in the Hives of Necromunda.  However, instead of gangs based on nation sized noble houses, Confrontation had gangs based more on profession, or social status.  One of those gangs was the Venators, or professional bounty hunters, as discussed here on the Leadplague blog.

Inspired by some discussion on how to kitbash a Venator, I created the following:

I still need to sand the putty again, and these are but hasty camera phone pictures, but you get the idea.

I used empire militia legs, a Bretonnian archer torso, an old Necromunda Orlock pistol, and a space marine scroll as the "warrant". The head is made from a 6th Edition empire drummer head, and half of a Sanguineous death mask.

For Inquisitor he is equipped pretty lightly with a Stubgun and a club, but most of the time I am sure that it suffices.


Asslessman said...

Wonderful conversion really, I'm so excited to see how other people create their venators, I've spent so much time thinking about mine I realise I've missed plenty of good opportunities. The pose is absolutely great and the light equipment fits the bill for me. You clearly don't want o mess with that one !

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks! It was inspired by your post and paint.

He has moved up in the painting queue so we will see when that happens...