Friday, November 7, 2014

Sculpting at work

Similar to my earlier post about painting at work, I have been sculpting at work lately.  mostly this is gap filling and the like for my various Inq28 figures, but I have added straps, fur, pistol holsters and a few more ambitious items.

The box is one of those old Games Workshop bitz boxes that I seem to have a few of, and it suffices for this use.  I carry a file, a needle pointer, a spearhead sculpting tool, and a custom made "lifter" tool I made from some sprue.  I use Apoxie sculpt exclusively these days, partly because it is water soluble (meaning easy cleanup) and partly because it is in the little plastic containers and thus has not dried up.  A bottom of a water bottle holds a bit of water for me to dip my tools in, piece of tape to hold figures and bitz during transit, and we are done.

Today I finished these three Steel Legionaries, two of whom have been converted to carry flamers, and one who has a single shot anti tank missile strapped to his back (for use in SGII battles).

The reason I have been converting these fine fellows?  The family is out of town, and like last year, I plan to get some serious army painting in...

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