Friday, October 31, 2014

Reaper Halloween

Vinyl appears to be in my future
During October Reaper Miniatures has had two Halloween related promotions going on, one that has their usual "Ghoulie Bag" with a trick or treat figure (you can see how that worked out for me last time), and a second where they are selling cutsie large headed monsters (Boneslyvanians, although in metal).

When they were first announced, I sent the picture of the Boneslyvanians to my wife, and she mentioned that they were "cute", particularly "Gil" the little guy reminiscent of the creature from the Black Lagoon.

And so an order was put together...  the hard part was keeping the costs contained, since my rough list of things I liked and might want to get was well over $100 (and with the bones figures running ~$2.50, you can imagine how large the list was!).  In the end, I got a few figures for INQ28, a few D&D figures, a few Halloween related figures, and some bits.  In my Ghoulie bag, I got a few pieces of candy, some paint, and Elise the Witch... not the most kid friendly model.

I had hoped to get the order before Halloween to get some painting done, but it did not work out, so maybe I will be painting late tonight.

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