Friday, September 20, 2013

Painting at work part 2

A while back, I asked about painting at work.  I know that a fair few bloggers do it, either because they have jobs that allow it (such as security guards, or on call work), or because they paint at lunch.

I eventually put together something, and began to slog my way though some night goblins.  Due to some restructuring, I lost the office shortly after that, and moved into a cube.  I painted an Ork, and a fair few cowboy types, and recently came back to the goblins.

My painting box is made of a cardboard corporate check box salvaged from work, and another smaller box inset into that, which returns some the strength lost from cutting out the front panel.  I use a plastic food container for water, and the lid as a pallet.  Simple.

Also seen here are my mix of paints, mostly Citadel of various vintage (mostly old), with the bulk of the rest being Vallejo with a few of the new Reaper paints hiding in the back.  Brushes are off camera, but are mostly of the "adequate" rather than the "good" category.

A disadvantage of painting at work that I have noticed is that without duplicate paint colors, I can not very well paint both at home and at work without dragging the box back and forth, which is not the easiest, and probably not good for the paint either (since my car gets quite hot should I forget the paint in the trunk).

Oh, and after around 5 hours of painting I have a nicely done night goblin unit. (pictures of that to follow eventually)  So painting at work?  Successful, and something I plan to continue.

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