Tuesday, August 6, 2013

X Wing Miniatures - MicroMachines

Like many, I have a fair few MicroMachines, and wondered if I could apply them to the X-Wing Miniatures game (needing then just bases and some paint work).  I pulled out some that seemed like they would be in a useful scale, measured them, and here are the results:

MicroMachines Millenium Falcon: 5.1cm so ~1/681 scale
MicroMachines X Wing 4.6cm ~1/271
MicroMachines Y Wing 5.5cm ~1/290
MicroMachines TIE/In 3.3cm ~1/290
MicroMachines Lady Luck 6cm ~1/833
MicroMachines Skipray Blast Boat 4.7cm ~1/530

The larger Millenium Falcon is a gyroscopic toy from Burger King or similar, and comes in at 9.8cm and therefore ~1/354 scale.

All "real world" lengths taken from Wookieepedia.

As X Wing miniatures has a stated scale of 1/270, it seems that, as expected, the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and TIE/In would be good matches, and the others would not work. Which is a particular pity for the Lady Luck since it is so unique, and I am pretty sure I have a second of those toy Millenium Falcons kicking around...

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