Monday, July 15, 2013


My wife and the newborn were away this weekend visiting relatives, so after a couple long days wrangling a three year old, I managed to get in some hobby time, and stuck together some bitz.

Primarily I was able to get this armsman with voidarmor assembled.  He is made from a Valkyrie door gunner body, bike scout shotgun arm, chimera head, three separate bitz for his right arm, chaos warrior boarding axe, and some tanks and bitz on the back that can not be seen in this picture. The chest armor and neck ring was made from a bit of plastic tubing that I got at the hobby store.  He still needs some detailing and putty work to fill gaps, and add some strapping.  You might be able to make out in this reduced picture that I tried the micro beads as rivets technique, which I still need to practice with.

Also visible in various stages of completion: (from left to right) a death cultist with a venom hand, the xenophile, Death Watch marine, pilot, sage, headless inquisitor, and the torso for a female interrogator.

Annoyingly my super glue turned to super goo over the weekend, possibly due to a faulty lid design letting in air (or failure to reseal properly!), which slowed things down a bit. I also finished my secret painting project, which I will reveal in good time.


Lead Legion said...

Very, very nice Lasgunpacker. I love your attention to detail.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Lead Legion! I find the whole narative game/ customized figure thing to be very inspiring... now I just need to get some finished and paint them.

Molotov said...

He's looking very good indeed!

Have you considered posting on the Ammobunker? I think it would be good for more people to see your work.

Either way, when my super secret project comes to life, I will be sure to link you in! Is there an email I can use to contact you? (Mine is

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Molotov! Email sent.

And I lurk Ammobunker, but had not considered joining up, mostly because I work so slowly.