Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I have been away...

And a little busy:
A late mothers' day present
Well, technically my wife was busy, and I was flailing around trying to help her.  With two in the house now, our free time has declined somewhat.

Anyway, I have not touched a miniature for weeks, and have not been keeping up with blogs either.  It seems like plenty of good things have been going on in the ol'blogosphere, but I have not caught up with it all yet.

I did manage to read almost all of the Grant Morrison JLA books, and the second Carson Napier on Venus book, and have just started the final Wheel of Time book... so plenty more to discuss once I get into the swing of things again.  It might be a while though!


Janushedemann said...

Congratulations mate :)

About not touching miniatures and models - I beg to differ though - what a lovely model you have there :)

Again - congratulations sir :)


Janus Hedemann

Tony said...



Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks guys. I have been working on a semi-secret project, now that things are a bit more regular at home.