Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Character Advancement

Roger the GS is discussing how to handle prestige classes.  A while back I had a post about dealing with prestige classes at 4th level, and sketched out a visual representation of that progression with its branches.  Basically there are four classes at level 1, and at level 4 there can be up to 10.

Here is the current version in my Player's Guide. Each "step" has the title of the level, the XP, the HP, and any special skills or spells gained.  Druids are a separate DM approval required class, and any 4th level player can decide to become a Bard (provided they can find a teacher, and have enough XP to enter the class etc).  Dual classing can happen after 4th, and requires an equalization of XP once the new class "catches up" to the old one.

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