Friday, January 25, 2013

Quick Village generation

From Telecanter
Ever flowing fount of ideas Telecanter has a refined die drop method of village generation for your roleplaying games.  Go ahead and read it, I will wait.

In the comments, I suggest that the DM should decide how many d6 to drop for the village, and then divide that number by four to get the number of d8s dropped, and the number rolled on the d8 is the type of building that it is.

d8 table of village buildings
1. Smith (black/tin/gold/silver/white)
2. Mill (saw/wind/water)
3. Town home (noble/wizard/reeve)
4. Leather worker
5. Carpenter
6. Stable
7. Tithe barn
8. Tavern

So the procedure would be roll letter die to get road/path shape, draw your map, select number of d6 (3-12 say), roll one d4 and number of d6/4 d8s with the d6s.  Then record the position of the dice, and the numbers and building types.  If you need to have a "special" building, either for a village headman or for the bad guy, just include a die of another color with the d6s.

Example: Our letter is T for "Tukesbury", the number of dwellings is 12, so the number of d8s is 3.  the DM rolls out 1d4, 12d6, and 3d8.

Anyway, a great, and quick, way to generate a village.  Now I just need to find where my son put my letter die...

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