Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Things

Here are some random things I came across online today, because I have still been too busy to generate my own content, although I did add some Tiger style vision slit covers to my Baneblade the other day; because, hey, anything that helps me keep it in the "modeling" phase and away from the "painting" phase is a good thing right?

Post-Harry-Potter-World for a D&D game.  Hogwarts as a mega-dungeon.  Setting everyone knows something about.  Ridiculous pseudo-Latin spell names. Harry as a more explicit messiah figure. Go!

Converting a Deimos Pattern Predator.  Ping pong ball, Predator kit, and some plastic card mix together to make a retro style tank.  Clearly the next predator I build must be retro. (not sure about having a Flamestorm cannon or the long barrel auto cannon... solved by magnets?)

From Stuff of Legends
More closely matches the newer Forge World version
An Introduction to a GM Book.

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