Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neo-Soviet Power Armor

The wife and child were out of town a few weekends ago, and I had a bit of time to myself.  It used to be that such time was converted into 99% hobby time, but alas and alack, I spent most of the time doing various chores that had accumulated.  I did have some time to try out a figure conversion that I first dreamed up a while back.

I had been looking around for power armor to accompany the lovely Copplestone Neo-Soviets (comparison picture here).  They are largish 28mm figures, and I wanted something that looked a bit like the MAK designs.

I somehow hit on the idea of kit bashing Space Marine legs and a Tau Stealth Suit torso, and over the next few months, collected the various bitz I needed. Then they sat in a box for a few years like most projects of mine.

Here is the result of a few hours of cut and paste and some Aves:
Parts from seven different GW kits.

Now I just need to crank out another four of these, and get them painted.  A 40mm base seems more suited to the size as well.  Then maybe even paint the Neo-Soviet section I started painting four or more years ago...

What do you think?  Does it work?


Noah S. said...

I like it.


Lasgunpacker said...


The chaps over on the Lead Adventure forum thought that the weapon was a bit off, and I may bash together something different to see if I agree.