Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next Project - Ork Jet

When I finally get done with the Baneblade and some other projects I have on on the go (some of the 101 projects, not all of them by any means!), I will need/want another large kit to work on.  There is something satisfying about building and modding a larger kit vs. the relatively tiny customizations you can make with figures.

Thankfully, GW saw my need, and will be releasing this lovely bit of kit next month:
That's right, an Ork fighter.

The kit builds one of three options (dive bomber, level bomber, and gun bird), and seems to have a bunch of tail, cockpit, and underwing stores options.  Rumored retail price is $45, which is not too bad in my opinion for a beefy game piece like this.  I like it because it looks "real" in comparison to 90% of the stuff produced by GW these days.  (it even avoided having square edged wings!)

Planned alternations?  Reaction jet nose piece, pair of auto cannons as wing stores, and removal of the "teef" on the main jet intake cowl.  Should be a blast, and pretty quick to build in comparison to the 2+ years I have been working on and off on the Baneblade.

And I wonder if it would be possible to remake this as a locally produced Imperial PDF Fighter....

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