Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GW News II

As you may recall from just yesterday, Games Workshop has restricted sales out of the EU, and has created "Finecast", which is widely expected to be resin replacements for metal miniatures (at a higher cost, of course).

Today, the news is that GW will further restrict their "rumor" information down to a week prior to release, which will mean that White Dwarf will continue to report on items after they are released, and further, that there will be a price increase in the US and Canada, to the tune of 18%-20%.  Some of the older figures have had a pretty continuous price increase, for example Catachans (which I have about 100 of ), have gone from $22 for 20 to $58 for 20 in a ten year period. (263% increase)  So that is fun. 

All of this negative GW news should not really impact my spending on GW, since I have only been buying a couple boxes a year, and, well I have somewhere on the order of four more armies still in boxes anyway... it does however increase my interest in buying figures from other companies though.

Speaking of which, in a bit of positive news, GZG's online shop is back in action after a five month down period. If you have not checked them out before, you should.  GZG is the maker of Stargrunt II, Dirt Side II, and Full Thrust, which are all excellent games, and they have a wide assortment of miniatures to support those games.  Their newer 15mm figures for Stargrunt are particularly interesting, and at a mere £2.5 per pack, a company worth is affordable too!  I just have to tell myself that I do not need any more figures right now...

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