Friday, February 18, 2011

Five Games...

Concept cribbed from American Barbarica: Five roleplaying games I would like to run if I had the time and the players group.

1) Deepest Sea - A OSR game, using a slightly modified Labyrinth Lord engine and my own home made setting of, well, the Deepest Sea.  A grity low powered dungeon crawl, with a few sandbox elements, and some political hooks for those who are so inclined.
2) Wandering Wei├čenland - WHFRP sandbox game set in eastern Wei├čenland, exploring the ruins left from the destruction of Solland, the local politics, and whatever else the players would fancy.  The WHFRP game is pretty low magic oriented, and deadly, so cautious exploration would be key.
3) Skype/Electronic tabletop dungeon crawl - A game played with friends online, using some of the various electronic tabletop replicators out there.  Would probably devolve fairly quickly into a silly inter-party bash like most of our games played in high school.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.
4) Dark Heresy/Inqusimunda skirmish/role play hybrid game - Battling teams of Inquisitors/Rogue Traders/gangers, on a declining world, combat played using Inquisimunda rules, running around looking for clues, and hopefully roasting each other.
5) Dank Medieval city game - Massive rotting city, inspired by the Lies of Locke Lamora, highly political, complex multifaceted religious situation, and low magic.  neighborhoods with different customs, complicated guilds for all aspects of the economy, alchemists, corrupt nobility, etc.  Players as rogues/bravos, trying to make a big score, and escape a debt.  Would have a heavy reputation factor.

Come to think of it, most of my imagined settings are pretty low magic gritty settings.

Also, spent some time today looking through Rolang's Creeping Doom.  Lots of excellent ideas there, including a cleric class which worships a pantheon of gods, but only one per day, which one determined by a d6, with completely different modes of worship and rewards for same.

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