Saturday, December 4, 2010

Painting again, at last!

The other day, I decided that I should just paint a figure that I had sitting around in my desk, from start to finish. I chose the beggar figure from the Reaper Townsfolk II set, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. These are great figures, full of character and easy to paint; however, they are very very large, too large to work well with many other figures out there. I plan to use these figures as scenery for Warhammer games, and as NPCs in WHFRP, so the size should be ok.

A nice feature of painting a fantasy figure, and particularly a one off, is that there is no uniform consideration, and if I want to paint the pants one color and the shirt another, only aesthetics dictates what I should do. So I was able to zip along, and got a fair amount finished.

As you can see from this picture though, I had a bit of a handicap while painting though...

Since then, I have painted up another figure (the farmer with the withered arm from Reaper Townsfolk V), and plan to do a few more soon. Maybe this will get me back on track.


ZeroTwentythree said...

Those are very nice figures. I've just started painting some of them up myself, including the one you are working on. I have that pack and the "tavern" pack with the barman and two serving women.

Lasgunpacker said...

I just wish they were a little smaller in height and heft, so that they fit better with everything else I have got.

Looking forward to seeing how your versions turn out.