Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blast from the past

When I was but a lad, I somehow convinced my dad to take me around to all the hobby shops in town. We had an enjoyable afternoon driving around from one shop to the next, looking at models, rockets, and miniatures The last shop we visited was Viking Hobby, which was jam packed with models, miniatures, and board based wargames.

After browsing around the store a bit, I came across something which would change me forever, a Games Workshop flyer which had information about all of their games and miniatures (they then had many more games than currently). I did not buy anything, but I did leave the shop with that flyer, which I poured over for hours and hours, studying every picture, and dreaming of grand battles between Eldar and Space Marines, two things I did not even know about previously.

I later hesitantly showed it to my friend, and to my surprise he immediately pulled out a shoebox full of Squats! (then a major part of the emerging Warhammer 40k universe). Right then and there we had a bit of a battle with his squats (partly painted with enamel paint). He wanted to review the flier, and I left it there, and never saw it again (I suspect his mom threw it out). We never played with his figures again, but did have a continuing series of battles with armies made from Legos, adjudicated by simple rules based on his recollection of 40k.

Now, many (many) years later, Tony, of Dampf's Modelling Page, was having a bit of a rummage through his various GW flyers, and decided to clear them out. During a bit of discussion, I mentioned my experience with the flyer, and today he posted this post, the first item of which has what appears to be the flyer in question! Just look at that cover in all of its early 90s glory! Back banners, red and yellow on everything, and green edged flocked bases.

Love it. I think I am going to be looking at that cover all day now...

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Tony said...

The leaflet is yours if you want it.

Please send your home address to;

And I'l post it off to you.

I am not expecting any payment or postage, I just feel that it would be better if it was with someone who would truly appreciate it rather than stuck in a box in my attic.