Friday, February 13, 2009

GB-17 "Kрыса"

Inspired by this excellent conversion at Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, I have been contemplating a similar conversion to support my own Neo-Soviets.

My plan is to produce a similar vehicle from a 1/48 Testors Gee Bee model, which is quite cheap here in the US ($7 or so). By removing the engine, rudder, landing gear, and adding a rocket nozzle, turbine intake and gun ports, it should be an excellent little ground attack fighter for defending the motherland. I would cut back the under tail portion of the model to accommodate the nozzle, and extend the tail with a sensor mast. I believe that it should be equipped with an under wing rack of rockets like a WWII Corsair, which may have to be created instead of sourced from another kit. Adding modern triangular antenna projections should also help to make the model look "new" vs. just a rocket powered turbine plane.

Colors would be grey blue under with a green upper, stepped when they contact in the tail, and of course, red stars on the side and tail. A suitably patriotic slogan would be great too, something about "crush the Germans" or similar. No stars on the wings, as apparently the VVS did not do that.

So another future project, this one for which I have no models... excellent!

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